“Johnny and I served together in the United States Air Force for 4 years and we naturally hit it off due to our commonalities in regards to work ethic and values. Johnny’s hard work, determination, and dedication to understanding people and what they want have allowed him great success in both his personal and professional life. If I am ever in a jam, I know I can count on Johnny to be there to aid in any way he can. Johnny is one of the most selfless people I have met and the attributes which I have mentioned will allow him to continue to achieve great success.”

– Jared K.


“Northwest Poly Services is lead by such a great team that is focused on providing their customers with exceptional service. They communicate well with their customers, and listen to their needs so that they ensure a positive customer experience. During their estimation process, they walk you through the concrete lifting process and even look for other areas of concern that may not be front of mind. They also follow up with a call and card. It’s clear that they are dedicated to serving our community and helping their fellow neighbors.”

– Megan K.


“I had the pleasure of working with Jalleh for nearly two years.  Sharpe, kind, and trustworthy are just a few words to describe her. She is beyond incredible to work with. She is extremely dedicated– not just in completing whatever she is tasked with, but consistently going above and beyond a surface level task.  She always analyzes the bigger picture and potential downstream impact to ensure long term client satisfaction.  Anyone working with Jalleh should consider themselves blessed because they can rest easy that the work will be done right and on time.

Johnny Huff is kind and genuine.  His gentle nature puts you at ease whenever you have a conversation with him. Being helpful is simply a part of who he is.

Together these two value integrity, quality, and community which is what makes them such a powerful duo.”

– Eve E.


“I would recommend Northwest Poly Services to anyone that is looking to get their concrete lifted. The owners are friendly, professional, and really put customer service as a top priority. You can tell that they really care a great deal about serving their community.”

– Candace M.

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