What is the difference between Poly Lifting and mud-jacking?
Our Eco-Rise Poly Foam weighs 3-4 pounds per cubic foot compared to traditional mud-jacking material which weighs approximately 100-150 pounds per cubic foot, making our Eco-Rise Poly Foam less likely to overburden unstable soil that lies underneath concrete slabs. Additionally, mud-jacking requires larger holes to be drilled into existing concrete compared to the penny size hole that is required for Poly Lifting. Mud-jacking will also take days to cure and be ready for use. Poly Lifting is ready for normal use again in 15 minutes.


How long does it take to lift my concrete?
The majority of our residential jobs can be completed in less than a day, usually taking just a few hours or less. Commercial or Municipal projects can take longer depending on the scope of the project being completed.


How long does Poly Lifting last?
Our Eco-Rise Poly Foam cures as a solid structure. As a result, it doesn’t have the potential for fracture and failure compared to other repair methods. Poly Foam is resistant to water, chemicals, insects, rodents, erosion, and is environmentally friendly. As long as other undermining factors are not introduced it will continue to perform as it does when it’s applied.


Will it harm my soil or emit harmful chemicals?
No. Our Eco-Rise Poly Foam does not contain any dangerous heavy metals and no ozone depleting products. The product is safe for burial and landfill disposal. If needed, Eco-Rise Poly Foam can be dug up and disposed of without restrictions.


Can you apply this in the rain?
Yes. Water does not interfere with the Eco-Rise Poly Foam injection and does not affect its quality. However, it is best to be performed in dry conditions. During the rainy season, we will generally limit outdoor jobs, only injecting in very specific situations where the resulting moisture is limited.


How quickly after Poly Lifting can I use my concrete again?
The short answer is in little as 15 minutes. I know that this may be hard to believe, but it’s true. After the process is complete, your concrete will be ready to walk on, store things on, and drive on in about 15 minutes. And if it makes you feel better, you can wait another 5 minutes….we won’t tell.


What’s the cost of lifting my concrete versus replacing it?
By lifting concrete using Eco-Rise Poly Foam most customers will save about 50% of the cost of replacing concrete. Some factors to consider when determining the best option is not just the cost of cement, but also the cost of labor, haul away and disposal, site preparation, and delivery of the cement. You should also consider the burden of having a company on your property for days at a time, giving you limited access to the areas being worked on.


Is the work guaranteed?
We have a 25-year transferable Warranty. So if you’re considering selling your property, our Warranty will go with the property to the next owner. That’s a great selling bonus!


What is the estimation process like?
It’s an easy 3 step process. 1) Schedule an estimate. 2) One of our techs will evaluate the problem area and discuss the underlying issues that may be causing your concrete to settle. 3) An estimate will be prepared and delivered to you for your review. No pressure. Our company is committed to helping property owners make informed decisions. Just contact us back when you’re ready and “We’ll Lift You Up.”

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